o   Strangulation including, intimate partner, stranger, child abuse, sexual assault, abuse against the elderly or disabled.

o   Understanding & Translating Trauma

o   Linking the Chain of Justice: A Multi-Disciplinary Teach Approach

o   Jury Selection in Domestic Violence Cases

o   The Strategic Use of Expert Witnesses

o   Intersection Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

o   Evidence-Based Prosecution

o   First Responders As Investigators

o   When Victims Use Violence

o   Turning Doubts into Convictions

o   Victim Behavior

o Implementation of Protocol: A Community Based Approach



o   Criminal Justice System (first responders, dispatchers, prosecutors, law enforcement, judges, probation officers, parole board, defense attorneys, etc.)

o   Family Court System (Guardian At Litem, Family Court Judges, CPS, etc.)

o   Domestic violence and sexual assault advocates and service providers

o   Health care system (doctors, nurses, therapists and substance abuse counselors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, ER staff, OBGYN’s)

o   Human services (child welfare workers, social workers, adult protective services)

o   Corporations (security, human resources and employee assistance)

o   Colleges and universities (Title IX investigators, campus law enforcement)


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