Every community has different needs and unique challenges. We are committed to collaborating in a way that recognizes the common goal to combat crime with efficiency and compassion. The presentations below can be given individually, combined or tailored into a training, a workshop, a keynote or a plenary. All talks can be modified or adjusted to fit the needed time allotment. These presentations are updated regularly to keep to assure the most current items are used. 

Buy-In By The Brass: Implementing Protocols in Strangulation Investigations

Desensitized to Death: The Lethality, Investigation and Assessment of Strangulation

Implementation of a Strangulation Supplement: Providing Guidance & Credibility for First Responders

The Strategic Prosecution of Strangulation Related Crimes

Sex and Strangulation

Strangled Memories: The Robert Israel Case

Strangulation: Beyond the Obvious in Child Abuse

Strangulation: The Hidden Crime in Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking of Children

Understanding of Strangulation and Domestic Violence from the Bench

Translating Doubt into Convictions Through the Strategic Use of Expert Witnesses

When Victims Use Violence

Animals & Domestic Violence: Another Tool of Manipulation

Take out the Drama, Bring in the Trauma: Converting Challenges Into Convictions


o   Criminal Justice System (first responders, dispatchers, prosecutors, law enforcement, judges, probation officers, parole board, defense attorneys, etc.)

o   Family Court System (Guardian At Litem, Family Court Judges, CPS, etc.)

o   Domestic violence and sexual assault advocates and service providers

o   Health care system (doctors, nurses, therapists and substance abuse counselors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, ER staff, OBGYN’s)

o   Human services (child welfare workers, social workers, adult protective services)

o   Corporations (security, human resources and employee assistance)

o   Colleges and universities (Title IX investigators, campus law enforcement)


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