As domestic violence claims another victim in Houston, prosecutors target strangulation assaults - "Women are not consenting to strangulation in sex like people want to think they are," McKay said. For more on Kelsey's opinion, please click here.

Listen to this 23-minute feature about the difficulties of strangulation cases and why it's so important that EMS, law enforcement, prosecutors and other first responders are trained about this deadly crime. 

Disturbing Research About First Responders Attitude and Bias Towards Victims - A new study found that 32% to 43% of first responders reported attitudes that suggest domestic victims are responsible for the abuse against them. Even more disturbing, the survey respondents answered questions directly after completing a training course based on the National Prevention Toolkit on Domestic Violence for Medical Professionals.

11 Killers Who Brought Their Victims In and Out of Consciousness - One thing we know about serial killers is that they like to strangle their victims often taking them to the brink of death, but allowing them to live, to strangle them again, and again, until they finally kill them. We see the same tortuous method used in non-fatal cases of strangulation. 

The Uniquely Violent and 'Waterboarding' Effects of Strangulation - Strangulation is a uniquely violent, serious element, and escalating factor in domestic violence relationships. When a perpetrator strangles their victim, they are letting them know not only that they could kill them, but how they could die. 

Special Report:  75 Women have been strangled or smothered in Chicago since 2001. Most of their killers got away.