Finding Design Research In The Criminal Justice System

This Texas prosecutor used a design thinking approach to transform how police departments investigated a misunderstood violent crime. Read Article.


The Garden

After planting seeds of abuse, did George Malone reap what he sowed? Hood County News - Seven Part Series. Read Article.

Murder Or Self-Defense?

Murder Or Self-Defense?


Officials: New police policy has led to more strangulation charges

In the nine months since Austin police began taking more detailed accounts of strangulation in assault cases, officials say they have seen a rise in the number of charges filed and an increase in the quality of cases. Read Article.

Despite reforms, felony convictions rare for repeat domestic abusers

For this investigation, American-Statesman reporter Jazmine Ulloa tracked 912 felony abuse cases through Travis County courts for two years for an exclusive look at how effective tougher domestic violence laws have been. Read Article.


Police trying to strengthen strangulation cases

After Sarah told her boyfriend to leave in May 2011, he began punching her. He then grabbed her neck with both hands and squeezed, hard enough that she couldn’t breathe and was close to passing out. Read Article.

Man guilty of killing ex-girlfriend, gets life

A man has been found guilty of capital murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Quin’Qualita Jackson, who was found stabbed and strangled in the bedroom of her North Austin apartment in August 2011. Read Article.


Jury recommends 99 years for Eric Robertson in assault

A Travis County jury on Friday recommended a total of 99 years in prison for Eric Robertson on four felony offenses in the attack of a housekeeper last year at a downtown Austin hotel. Read Article.


District Attorney’s office holds family violence training

One of the biggest plagues in our society today is family violence. Each month, the list of grand jury indictments is filled with charges of family violence with airway blocked, which is also known as strangulation.

The Navarro County District Attorney’s office took steps this week to provide training on detecting signs of family violence, collecting evidence of family violence, and how to make a solid case. Read Article.